Away meeting in Al-Gaysky district

Away meeting in Al-Gaysky district

15.08.2019 15:06:47
Away meeting in Al-Gaysky districtAugust 14, teachers of the department "Agriculture, land reclamation and agrochemistry" head of the department D.A. Upolnikov, professor A.P. Solodovnikov, associate professors A.V. Flying, A.S. Linkov visited Sysoevskoye LLC in the Aleksandrovo-Gaysky District of the Saratov Region on the issue of restoration of estuary irrigation. Together with the head of the administration of the Aleksandrovo-Gaysky district S.A. Fedechkin, head of the district agricultural department A.M. Tushanova and Director of Sysoevskoye D.N. Sharlapaev outlined measures for the operation and restoration of estuary irrigation systems, increasing the productivity of the areas occupied by estuaries.

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