International farm training courses

International farm training courses

Department of the international relations offers the students of our University the possibilities to participate in the international farm training courses.
The following general requirements must be exhibited by the candidates under their selection:
- a good basic level of knowledge of a foreign language;
- the availability of the foreign passport;
- work experience in agriculture;
- desire to work;
- good communication skills.
Additional requirements for candidates are:
- the availability of the license to drive a tractor and harvester;
- age from 19 to 29;
- marital status – single young men and unmarried girls;
- good health.
After passing the competitive selection tests and delivery of all necessary documents to the Department of international relations by the candidate, the employees of the Department forward the documents to the foreign partners. In case of a positive answer, the student makes the documents for his departure: getting of visa, purchasing of tickets. Department of international relations provides him with the consulting services.
The cost of travel lies within the trainee himself. The training allowance or salary received by him for the period of the training usually covers the expenses.
The application procedure process:
1. The application form receiving in the EMC (educational complex No. 3, office 384) and its filling;
2. Getting an authorizing visa of Dean of the faculty where the candidate studies to participate in the program on a request form.
3. For lack of a foreign passport - its execution at the police station at the place of residence or registration.
4. Payment of the registration fee.

In case of insufficient foreign language proficiency, you may contact the department of foreign languages and enroll in the optional foreign language programmes for agricultural training.

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You can pass the international farm training in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, and Greece under the following programs.