Spheres of training in SSAU named after N.I. Vavilov

Spheres of training in SSAU named after N.I. Vavilov

University graduates receive a broad education.
They possess the necessary level of theoretical and practical knowledge to work successfully in the agro-industrial enterprises in such areas as:
- agroecology and agroengineering;
-animal husbandry, fish farming , poultry farming;
-viticulture and bee-keeping;
- forestry, gardening and landscape construction;
- entrepreneurship, banking and agribusiness;
- food and processing industry;
- service, trade and veterinary medicine;
- universities, colleges and research institutes;
- administrative and management organizations of agro industrial complex in the Volga region and Russia.
More than 100 thousand qualified professionals were trained at the University during the years of its work.
Every year scientific and pedagogical staff of agricultural universities, colleges, technical schools, agricultural leaders, district departments of agriculture area, etc. are trained and retrained on the basis of the institute of additional professional education of agro industrial complex personnel.