International cooperation

International cooperation

International activities of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology Faculty is aimed to ensure better integration with the international academic community.
Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology Faculty develops international links for the studying of scientific and practical experience of foreign universities and enterprises. International activity is a necessary and promising direction of the faculty development in order to improve the level of training of specialists, bachelors and masters of AIC (Agroindustrial Complex).
The faculty departments support business and creative contacts with foreign universities, participate in scientific congresses, symposia and conferences. International and All-Russian conferences are held at the faculty base.
Head of the "Therapy, Obstetrics and Pharmacology" department Volkov A.A. and associate professor Annikov V.V. participated in the 33th World Congress WSAVA on the problems of small animal diseases (from 20th - 24th of August 2008 in Dublin, Ireland).
Professors of the “Obstetrics and therapy” Department Semivolos A.M. and Avdeenko V.S. are members of the Dissertation Council of Kazakh Seyfulin Agro-Technical University (Kazakhstan).
Professors of the “Obstetrics and therapy” Department Semivolos A.M. and Avdeenko V.S. cooperate with Western Kazakhstan Zhangir Khan Agrotechnical University (Uralsk) delivering lectures.
Creative relations are established between the "Feeding, Zoohygiene and Aquaculture" Department and West Kazakhstan Zhangir Khan Agrotechnical University (Kazakhstan). Bachelor students of "Water Bioresources and Aquaculture" area of training go there for job trainee course.
Scientific cooperation agreement with the Republic of Kazakhstan on environmental issues, environmental management, conservation of rare species, natural monuments was signed;
participation in the international program "Sustainable Development of the Volga-Caspian basin" is being realized.
Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology Faculty is one of the University leaders in the number of students participating in various programs of foreign trainee courses. Students not only have agricultural practices in European countries (these are Germany, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, France, Sweden), as well as in the United States and other countries, but also actively participate in overseas training master's programs.
Every year the faculty students are trained abroad according to the programs "Apollo», «Logo», «DEULA-NIENBURG», «Stichting Uitwisseling», Bavarian Peasant Union, «Agroimpuls» and also received training within graduate programs in Germany «Weihenstephan-Triesdorf». They not only improve their knowledge, but also continue their studies abroad after graduating from our university:
- the student of specialty "Biotechnology" Kadatskaya I.V. at the end of her trainee course in Germany won a scholarship to study at the school "Bavarian farm", received a certificate and continued her studies.