Scientific work

Scientific work

Innovation research work and training of highly qualified personnel is very important at the faculty. Scientists are engaged in a wide range of issues relating to research and development of food processing industry, catering and merchandising, as well as the introduction of quality management systems in production process. Their training is realized through graduate and postgraduate studies. Researchers take an active part in the popularization of scientific developments and works.
Priority area of faculty research work is resource-saving technologies of safe foodstuffs; state registration number is №01201151793.This area includes the following items:
- use of non-traditional plant materials as components of bakery and confectionery products under the guidance of associate professor Sadigova M.K.
- development of science-based technological options to create a range of foodstuffs for functional purpose (professor Ptichkina N. M. and associate professor Simakova I. V.);
- development of scented oils and dressings using CO2 extracts under the guidance of associate professors Simakova I.V. and Makarova A. N.;
- development of foodstuffs with dietary fiber, amino acids and vitamins (Professor Ptichkina N.M., associate professors Bannikova A.V., Klyukina O.N.);
- development and implementation of integrated quality systems at the enterprises of agro-industrial complex (associate professors Golubenko O. A., Dedukh A. A., Potipaev T. B. and assistant Karpycheva M.V.);
- development of methods and tools for quality and safety control of raw materials and products based on research of their structure and properties (Aleynikov A.K., Fatyanov E.V.);
- development of resource-saving technologies and equipment in agriculture (Anisimov A.V.);
- development of new functional foodstuffs from animal and plant materials (Roydik, F. Y.);
- highly effective resource-saving routing transportation of agricultural products with the optimum number and capacity of vehicles (Rozanov A. K., Berdnova E. V., Vdovenko N. V.);
- promotion of advanced computer technologies in production process, food processing industry and applied economics (Rozanov A. V., Merkulova T.N., Korsunov V.P.);
- improvement of livestock products safety and competitiveness (Karabaeva M.E., Kolotova N.A., Grinyaeva Y.G.);
- improvement of management forms and methods at enterprises and organizations of agro-industrial complex in conditions of market system (Kiseleva E.N., Adadimova N.S., Vlasov O.V.);
- development of resource-saving technologies and use of new fuels in agriculture (Bogatyrev S.A., Bebenin E.V.).
Instructors annually participate in various competitions, exhibitions and grants at international, national and regional levels, as well as in federal and regional programs, such as:
Participation in the regional program and the concept of processing industry development in Saratov region up to 2015, the development program of agriculture in Saratov region up to 2020.
Participation of young scientists, postgraduates and students in contests of research program "Umnik", organized by fund of small businesses assistance; in federal contest of Russian agrarian movement "The best innovative project in agricultural sector", in presidential contest "Young candidate of Sciences";
The Russian Federal Property Fund grants for participation of the faculty scientists in international congresses (Norway, China, Serbia, South Africa) and the grant of the President of the Russian Federation in 2013. Scientists developments were awarded by gold(2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), silver (2007, 2009), bronze (2008, 2010, 2013) medals and diplomas of federal exhibition center at the annual exhibition "Golden autumn" in Moscow; by medals and diplomas for the best product of the International specialized exhibition "Prodexpo. Prodmash" (Saratov, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012); Agroprodmash (Moscow, 2008); by gold medals at the federal contest "The best foodstuffs, food raw materials and innovative developments" (Volgograd, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012).
One of the main factors in science development is its scientific base. There are three educational-scientific-production laboratories at the faculty (ESPL), ESPL "Storage and processing of plant products"; ESPL "Nutrition"; ESPL "Confectioner" and interdepartmental laboratory of computer technologies.
Commercialization of scientists’ research work is carried out through organized in 2011-2012 small innovative enterprises:
- Limited liability company (LLC) "Water activity";
- LLC "Healthy diet";
- LLC "Independent expert agency";
- LLC "Consulting-Standard".
The faculty is also actively working on the implementation of scientific and innovative activity results (“LLC Region - Eco product of Volga region", the restaurant "Pearl", the Ministry of agriculture of Saratov region and others). Faculty also has more than 200 patents of the Russian Federation.